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About Leslie

Dip. of Holistic Wellness Coaching
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach
Certified Meditation and Yoga Nidra Teacher

A mentor is someone who can shine the light on the path forward and offer their hand in guidance when someone feels lost, and unable to find the way along the life journey.

Holistic Mentor & Coach Leslie has over 10 years’ experience in corporate leadership and management, mentorship, coaching, community building and cultural change. Leslie’s mentoring philosophy centres around trust, transparency and authentic expression.

Leslie takes a holistic approach to mentorship and coaching, using a structured method to understand where you are, where you would like to be, and through the use of various tools, techniques and guidance, assist you in effectively reaching your desired outcomes and thriving going forward.

Leslie has helped his mentees to find direction in life when feeling lost, identify and work towards reframing negative thought patterns, providing guidance in establishing solid foundations for fulfilling potential, challenging collective beliefs to shifting perspectives and living in accordance to one’s heart, as well as holistic guidance in both personal and professional development settings.

Leslie is also an experienced meditation teacher. He has guided many sessions in both personal and professional settings, with individuals as well as large groups, within the corporate space and through various health and wellness centres.

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