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About Giulia

Adv. Dip Naturopathy, Dip Homeopathy, Dip Botanical Medicine, Dip Nutrition

Giulia entered the field of complementary medicine in 1998 having completed extensive and advanced training in Naturopathy, including Diplomas in the fields of Homeopathy, Botanical Medicine and Nutrition.

Additionally, she has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment so she is qualified to  write and deliver courses and training modules. She taught natural medicine and biomedical subjects at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies for 3 yrs and is available to write and  to present modules at a corporate level.

Giulia is currently a member of the professional association ATMS.

Giulia is a dedicated naturopath keen to support people in order to reach their optimal health and improve their quality of life through Diet, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Counselling, Health Coaching and Environmental Modification, enabling a greater efficacy from Natural Prescriptions and allowing for a more comprehensive, effective and individualised health program.

With over 20 yrs of extensive naturopathic experience and a focus on clinical nutrition and herbal medicine, Giulia has an in-depth broad range of experience when dealing with all health issues and chronic diseases, with a preferred field of expertise in chronic diseases and  type 1 and 2 diabetes management.

Giulia is the perfect practitioner for all of your health support. Furthermore she treats across a broad range of age groups from pre-conception to the elderly.

To learn more about Giulia’s work, visit her website:

Giulia Mezzapica – Total Vitality