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About the Marquee

Marquee Health: In The Interests Of Better Health, Care And Prevention

The Marquee Health Clinic, located on Level 2, 22 Market Street in the Sydney CBD is an allied health provider offering Osteopathy, Acupuncture & Herbal Remedies, Remedial Soft Tissue Massage Therapy and Psychology services.

At the Marquee Health Clinic we strive to provide a positive direction for your health with a clear understanding through clinical diagnosis and a working treatment hypothesis to empower and place you in the best possible position regarding the self- management of your health.

The prime element in owning your health is to understand the nature of any negative development that places a limit on your resources constitutionally to pursue your desired lifestyle.

The most confusing reasoning pertaining to health can be a symptom ‘a signal from the body’ and what the symptom is alluding to. Often the problem is not symptom located and more often than not a definitive process of pathology has procured the symptom.

The challenge will always be to maintain a biophysical and psychosocial positive channel receptive to any negative drift. The Marquee physicians through their broad base of integrated professional knowledge and experience garnished through ongoing extensive training and research aim to channel those resources to recover and maintain your optimal potential health.

The biophysical health and constitution of each individual is an ever evolving process that may reflect in a negative or positive manifestation relative to those pressures or stresses inflicted.

The Marquee Health clinic practice will be to carefully correct and conservatively manage health aspects of an immediate or persistent nature that create inconsistency and indifference in the system developing limits to potential biophysical attributes.

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Marquee Health Clinic

Meet the team

James C Phillips


B app Sc osteopathy
M ost; Dip H Sc (Remedial Massage)
Cert. Prac. Acupuncture

Olivier Lejus

Acupuncturist & Educator

Registered Acupuncturist;
Accredited Toyohari Practitioner

Sherry Gupta

AYURVEDIC Beauty Therapist

Dip Beauty Therapy

Ramon Tupac Perez

Remedial Massage Therapist

Dip Remedial Massage / Reiki Healing