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About Olivier

Registered Acupuncturist;
Accredited Toyohari Practitioner

Olivier Lejus is a nationally registered acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbal practitioner, and an accredited practitioner with the Toyohari Japanese Medical Association.

Olivier has been in clinical practice since 2000. He worked as a casual lecturer, tutor, and clinical supervisor at the College of Chinese Medicine of the University of Technology of Sydney (UTS) from 2005–2013.

Olivier Lejus specializes in a Japanese style of acupuncture called Toyohari.

It is a powerful, but very delicate form of Oriental medicine which was invented by blind Japanese acupuncturists in the 1950s. Practitioners are trained to develop their sense of touch, to detect subtle changes in the texture, resilience, and temperature of the skin which are reflections of specific dysfunctions in the body.Toyohari practitioners use very fine acupuncture needles made of Gold, Silver or Stainless Steel which are inserted on a very superficial level under the skin without causing any pain. In many cases, the needles are instantly withdrawn without even penetrating the skin. In Japan, Toyohari practitioners are famous for their high level of skills, very gentle techniques and the remarkable efficacy of their treatments. Due to its gentle nature, this style of acupuncture is particularly suitable for children, elderly patients or anyone sensitive to needles.

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