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About James

B app Sc osteopathy
M ost; Dip H Sc (Remedial Massage)
Cert. Prac. Acupuncture

Osteopathy is a highly regarded, hands-on approach to holistic healthcare. It is the safest, fastest growing profession of allied health. Through the completion of a minimum of five years of university study in anatomy, physiology, pathology, general biophysical diagnosis and osteopathic practices and techniques, Mr James C Phillips possesses the qualifications necessary to perform clinical examinations of the musculoskeletal, vascular, respiratory and nervous systems and visceral symptoms. As a form of manual therapy, osteopathy may involve soft-tissue massage, mobilisation and manipulation.

Treatment is effective yet gentle and should not cause unnecessary pain or discomfort. If you are experiencing symptoms of a painful nature, all due care will be taken to treat you in a way where you may remain as comfortable as possible.

James maintains his professional qualifications and practice through ongoing training and development to achieve optimal results for his patients. With extensive experience in conditions stemming from the imbalance/inflammation of the pelvis, the mobility of the spine and the functional capacity of the peripheral structures and tissues, James takes a holistic, broad investigative approach to gearing the body towards a more positive and functional state. Utilizing both direct and indirect manipulative techniques within a specialised soft tissue foundation, James works towards eliminating the body of negative influences and advises his patients of appropriate follow-up exercises and behaviours to support and maintain their progress.