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Atia Burian Tani

Psychotherapist and Counsellor


Bachelor of Social Sciences – Counselling

Australian College of Applied Psychology


Diploma in Applied Arts

College of Applied Arts


Member of PACFA

Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia



Atia has been working as a Psychotherapist and counsellor for over ten years, being committed to the provision of excellence in this area of practice. Although she works with a wide range of issues associated with life transitions, workplace issues, relationship issues, divorce, separation, fertility, disability, loss and grief issues, she specialises in working with clients who have a desire and need to expand their capacity as individuals, in their relationships and their professional life.

We all experience challenges during our lives and at times it can be difficult to overcome these despite our many past successes in our professional and personal lives. There may come times of uncertainty and confusion due to lack of confidence or clarity of goals, we may be limited by our beliefs or fears. We may be experiencing stress, anxiety, tension, depression, sleep problems, inability to focus or relax and a whole range of other symptoms originating in past experiences, some of them in childhood. Traumatic experiences, in particular, may result in such difficulties which may seem insurmountable; however, with an approach providing non-judgemental, safe and empowering support, a new and powerful identity built on post-traumatic growth can emerge.

As Atia believes that we are all unique beings with unique lives and ways of processing experiences, she addresses personal and relational difficulties with each client in a holistic, respectful and personal manner, where the client is the author of the process. This approach provides the client with control over their journey so they can address their issues in a safe and empowering manner.

Atia employs an eclectic holistic approach in a choice of utilised modalities which include person-centred, existential and relational approach combined with art therapy, mindfulness skills development and narrative approach promoting self-awareness, empowerment and personal responsibility.

The emphasis is on compassion, non-judgmental attitude, connection and presence of the therapist. Atia believes that successful therapy will result in a client’s compassionate connection to self, others and their environment.