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Naturopathy & Fertility

Naturopathic medicine stabilises hormone health, and works well at regulating periods, cycle length and ovulation times. It helps ease endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome as well as improve sperm morphology (the assessment of sperm shape), motility count, and egg quality. It can also help address the associated stress of trying to conceive.

The role of Naturopathy in fertility is also to ensure that there is an adequate supply of all nutritional factors that are essential for healthy sperm and eggs and the growing baby. An absence of any of these factors compromises general health and foetal development. Ova are susceptible to damage for 100 days prior to ovulation and sperm formation takes approximately 116 days, indicating pregnancy preparation for that length of time to be vitally important and extremely valuable for healthy conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding and post-natal support, and a healthy child!
Naturopathic medicine has the philosophy that the body can heal itself, a tailored diet, lifestyle changes and certain herbs and nutrients can create an optimum environment for baby making.

What to expect from your consultation?

At your consultation, she will consider all the underlying potential causative factors of infertility. When general health improves, conception will take place, as nature takes its course. Irenenee will devise an individualised fertility plan for you which initially be 90 days. Why 90 days? It can take up to that long time to make a sperm (even longer as that is an average). Also as the female cycle is on average 28 days, it will give us 3 months to regulate it. This plan is to get both your bodies in the best shape in order to create healthy sperm, eggs and environment to conceive and grow a baby.

Your fertility plan is personalised for each couple as she treats the whole person not just the symptoms. The plan treats both partners as it takes two to make a baby! The aim is to make healthy eggs and sperm and to create a healthy environment for a baby to grow and covers:

  • Your general health & history
  • Detoxing (both for the man and women) to help create a healthy environment to grow health eggs, sperm and hence to conceive
  • Reversing the effects of the Oral Contraceptive Pill and any other medications
  • Support and balance the hormonal system which will regulate periods and ovulation in women and the sperm production and health for the men
  • Treatment of any issues like PCOS, thrush, fibroids or endometriosis
    improving the quality & quantity of vaginal mucus / discharge (which assists sperm traverse cervical mucus)
  • Nutrition / diet. Eating the right foods and taking preconception nutrients makes sure that the body is ready for pregnancy
  • Stress management. Lowering or managing stress is a must as the stress hormone cortisol affects both male and female hormones. Trying to conceive can be an emotional and stressful time, therefore keeping calm is essential.
  • Hormonal testing – if necessary