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Marquee Health Clinic Recognises Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

MARQUEE HEALTH CLINIC RECOGNISES OVARIAN CANCER AWARENESS MONTH JAMES PHILLIPS- OSTEOPATH OSTEOPATHIC AWARENESS AND ANALYSIS OF OVARIAN CANCER AND FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE DISORDERS AND CONDITION. Osteopathic assessment of the female reproductive health initiates attention to the mechanical (structural) and functional (soft tissue) components, that will directly or indirectly affect the health and environment regarding circulation. The …

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Understanding The Relevance Of Chronic Pain – An Osteopathic Perspective

Chronic pain whether consistent or variable is a signal the regulatory mechanisms and system both voluntary and involuntary are not co-ordinating, working in concert or a poor association has developed biomechanically, biophysically, gastrointestinal, biochemically and / or psychologically. Chronic or persistent pain (> 6 weeks duration) does not have to be, and rarely is conceived …

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Naturopathy & Fertility


Naturopathic medicine stabilises hormone health, and works well at regulating periods, cycle length and ovulation times. It helps ease endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome as well as improve sperm morphology (the assessment of sperm shape), motility count, and egg quality. It can also help address the associated stress of trying to conceive. The role of …

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The treatment of Endometriosis with Oriental medicine

One of the most common causes of infertility is a mysterious medical condition called “endometriosis”. The endometrium is the outer lining of the uterus. In the early stage of a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle, a surge of estrogen hormones cause that lining to expand to allow implantation of the egg if a pregnancy occurs. When …

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The Oriental medical alternative to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

White blood cells and immune health

We are genetically born to reproduce. Starting a family has always been one of the most important goals in people’s life. Unfortunately, when women are finally ready to conceive, they often have great difficulties getting pregnant. Being told that your body is infertile and you will never be able to have a child can be …

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