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How tongue diagnosis can improve our health

Health and wellbeing

Following our last article on the principles of tongue diagnosis in Oriental medicine, we will expand this topic by looking at simple ways to improve our diet according to Chinese dietary guidelines. The tongue represents a reflection of the general condition of our internal organs. The condition of our tongue gives us a good idea of the health of our digestive system. It is a useful tool for learning what can be improved in the way we eat

The mysterious art of tongue diagnosis

Tongue health

According to the ancient classical texts of Chinese medicine, the tongue is the only internal organ that we can see. Each individual tongue is unique, as apparently there are not two identical human tongues on the planet. In our oriental framework, the condition of the tongue mirrors the condition of the kidney, the spleen, the liver, the heart, and the lung.

Conquering Anxiety

Young stressed student

Anxiety manifests in everyday situations – whether it is a job interview, an exam, an important work meeting or a big date. Another example is when athletes feel some anxiety prior to competing in a big game. Some anxiety in these types of situations can actually provide focus and energy to allow us to do our best. Anxiety becomes a problem when it is continuous and extreme.

Alternative Approaches to Allergies

Hayfever and allergies

The incidence of allergies in the western world seems to have reached the level of an epidemic. Beyond the fact that the sudden increase could be the result of a greater awareness of the dysfunction, it is now suspected that our modern lifestyle itself might be one of the major culprits. The level of stress …

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What is Myofascial Cupping?

Myofascial cupping therapy

What is myofascial cupping? How will it help me? First of all, myocupping is a form of massage, done with traditional Chinese cups (using a suction method instead of fire). How do I do this type of massage? I warm the area up with my hands and massage balm, apply the cups, continue the massage …

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