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Treatment of auto-immune disorders in Oriental medicine

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

The human body is an incredibly complex instrument which constantly throws new challenges to the field of medicine. While we have made incredible progress in understanding, and treating many diseases, quite a few of them still leave us totally baffled. Imagine a nightmare scenario where the human body wrongly detects imaginary threats and in the …

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Paediatric acupuncture

Young Children

When their children are sick, most parents take them to their regular doctors without ever considering Oriental medicine as an alternative from of treatment, although it might not always be the best option. While Western medicine should always be the first choice when the life of your child is at risk, using Western medication to …

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How tongue diagnosis can improve our health

Health and wellbeing

Following our last article on the principles of tongue diagnosis in Oriental medicine, we will expand this topic by looking at simple ways to improve our diet according to Chinese dietary guidelines. The tongue represents a reflection of the general condition of our internal organs. The condition of our tongue gives us a good idea of the health of our digestive system. It is a useful tool for learning what can be improved in the way we eat

The mysterious art of tongue diagnosis

Tongue health

According to the ancient classical texts of Chinese medicine, the tongue is the only internal organ that we can see. Each individual tongue is unique, as apparently there are not two identical human tongues on the planet. In our oriental framework, the condition of the tongue mirrors the condition of the kidney, the spleen, the liver, the heart, and the lung.