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Treatment of Pain in Oriental Medicine

Lower back pain

It has long been recognized that the ability to experience pain is associated with the degree of evolution of the nervous system in the species. For example, it has been demonstrated that mammals are able to feel pain unlike more basic forms of life such as fishes or insects which do not.

The Immune System & Immunity

Skin prick allergy testing

Every year we see an increase of patients whose immune system is so weak that they constantly struggle to avoid getting sick. Understandably, there is also a growing reluctance to keep popping pills and antibiotics which alleviate the symptoms without addressing the inner cause of the dysfunction which is the inability of the body to defend itself against pathogens. So what is the alternative?

Facial Weakness and Bell’s Palsy

Jaw and facial pain

Let’s imagine you wake up one morning with a pain in the neck which gradually gets worse. A few hours later you realise that all feelings on the right side of your face have been lost. You are now unable to close one of your eyes, and half of your mouth feels like a useless bit of rubber. You are rushed to hospital, to get diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy.