Treating Cancer with Oriental Medicine (Part 2)

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In our last article on this topic, we compared the Western and Eastern different treatment strategies for cancer .We explained why these two medical systems complement each other so well. Western medicine being very effective in removing cancer tumours cells, but ill equipped for treating the inner cause of the illness, whereas Chinese medicine, while not powerful enough to kill the tumours, can be very effective in strengthening the body’s immunity…

The Immune System & Immunity

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Every year we see an increase of patients whose immune system is so weak that they constantly struggle to avoid getting sick. Understandably, there is also a growing reluctance to keep popping pills and antibiotics which alleviate the symptoms without addressing the inner cause of the dysfunction which is the inability of the body to defend itself against pathogens. So what is the alternative?

Women’s Health (Part 2)

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the cause of period pain is related to the symptoms of the meridians which are affected. The male and female reproductive system is traversed by the Spleen, the Liver and the Kidney channels, so any potential dysfunction will originate from one, or several of these organs.